Dollar-pegged stablecoins have revolutionized the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Pricing a product or service has become much easier, and the volatility of assets like ETH or BTC has been set aside. But paying with a stablecoin that follows the dollar’s price can be complicated in some countries like Argentina. Different exchange rates, constant devaluation, and frictions in the entry and exit of crypto generate discomfort for merchants and consumers.

The Num-S that follows the Argentine peso, nuARS, aims to combine these two benefits: the advantages of blockchain and the convenience of pricing in our local currency. In this way, daily payments in nuARS are one of the main use cases of the stablecoin developed by Num Finance.

Currently, merchants have different tools to incorporate nuARS into their payment system. All these platforms, exchanges, and wallets support the stablecoin deployed on the BNB Chain network.


This platform is a marketplace developed in Argentina to commercialize goods, products, and services with a single means of payment: cryptocurrencies. Ads are free and can be placed by individuals and verified businesses. Once the ad is placed, they can choose nuARS as the currency for payment. The method can be through “Smart Contract” or directly between users. In CryptoAvisos, you can buy clothing, technology, cars, and even travel or training or architecture services.

CryptoAvisos - Num Finance

Self-custodial wallets

For users who prefer to use wallets where they themselves own the keys, there are two options: Metamask and Defiant

Metamask is one of the most popular wallets today, and it is possible to use it to view your nuARS. However, it requires a few seconds of your time to configure nuARS. The process is super simple. You just need to activate the BNB network and then import the token. If you want to do it, you can watch this tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Defiant is a mobile, multichain, and self-custodial wallet developed in Argentina that also allows us to connect to the decentralized world. To view the token in nuARS, you need to activate it from the app’s settings.

Exchanges and other wallets

BuenBit is one of the most recognized exchanges in the country and was the first to list nuARS. It is possible to receive nuARS into your account and exchange it 1:1 for Argentine pesos. In this platform, it is straightforward to convert from crypto to fiat money.

Bitera is another wallet that offers the possibility of receiving nuARS. This mobile app is a wallet for stablecoins and currently supports DAI and nuARS. Also, it is possible to invest your nuARS to generate yields at a current rate of 52%. If you want to convert your nuARS to pesos, you simply have to transfer them to BuenBit and make the exchange.

There are already many tools to incorporate into a business and accept this means of payment. Some examples are the Ida y Vuelta supermarket, the CandleStick clothing store, and La Continental pizzeria. If you are interested in incorporating nuARS as a means of payment and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us at