Origin of the yields

All rewards given in this program are part of Num Finance’s own capital. This means that no new tokens are created, but rather, these tokens had already been previously issued and there is no increase in the Num Stablecoins (Num-S) in circulation.The nuARS (and future Num-S) given as incentives are 100% collateralized and were issued through one of Num Finance’s standard issuance mechanisms (collateralized loans in cryptocurrencies, Num-S purchases, or net purchases in liquidity pools).

To implement the yield programs, Num Finance may use a smart contract that grants users units of tokens called Airdrop Num Stablecoin (a-Num-S). Authorized users can transfer their Num-S to the smart contract(s) to receive their reward(s). For example, users who deposit nuPEN in the corresponding contract will receive the Airdrop nuPEN token (a-nuPEN) in exchange. Pilot plans can also be carried out with partners (such as wallets or exchanges).


To grant these yields, Num Finance developed a “Smart Contract” that automates their delivery. The contract works like a vault: authorized users deposit Num-S (in this case, nuARS) into the contract and, in exchange, receive a token of the a-Num-S type (in this case, a-nuARS) that collects rewards in real-time. The address of this contract and the a-nuARS token is 0x3E06DdFa41AAA6736695C6bfC84a8ce60Bd9ae6f on the BNB Chain blockchain (for more details, go to BscScan).Currently, incentive programs are carried out through authorized platforms that act as facilitators and link their users with Num Finance. Platforms are the only authorized users to interact with the smart contract. They are responsible for sending nuARS to the contract, Num Finance delivers the rewards, and then the platforms distribute them among their users. The Bitera wallet was the first platform to distribute nuARS rewards. At this time, users of this wallet can already receive rewards in this and other applications. For Num Finance, the partnership system with platforms is essential for the massive adoption and expansion of its tokens.

How to receive nuARS yields

The partnerships that are currently part of the “Yield Program” are Buenbit, Let’s Bit, and Bitera. The applications are available for Android and iOS. Users can select the enabled options on each platform to start receiving rewards through the mechanism they choose. In the future, new platforms will also offer this benefit.


Num Finance allows each authorized platform access to the smart contract, and their interaction is limited to that access. Each platform determines its own commission policies, compliance, minimum and/or maximum amounts, form and frequency of reward accreditation, and other variables that may affect the user or client. Each user should consult the platform they use for the terms of use of services related to nuARS or a-nuARS. Num Finance does not guarantee future rewards, nor the continuity of rewards over time. Num Finance does not guarantee the security of funds on any third-party platform.

Num Finance does not engage in financial intermediation or provide any financial advice. It is recommended that each user conducts their own research on the platforms, networks, and tokens with which they interact, as they may be risky and their assets may be at risk. For more information, go to