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Num Finance

Num Finance

The Future of On-Chain Financial Assets in Web3
The Future of On-Chain Financial Assets in Web3
The Future of On-Chain Financial Assets in Web3

Real World Assets (RWAs) refer to tangible or intangible assets from the traditional financial world that are brought onto blockchain platforms. These assets can include real estate, precious metals, commodities, corporate bonds, private equity, and even fine art. By tokenizing these assets, they are transformed into digital tokens on a blockchain, making them easier to trade, fractionalize, and manage, while also potentially opening up investment opportunities to a broader audience.

Num Finance is set to revolutionize the financial landscape with its platform, targeting a USD 16 trillion market opportunity. Today, Num introduces its initial nTokens, four tokenized ETFs from BlackRock iShares. This milestone marks a groundbreaking step in bridging real-world assets to blockchain. Num aims to tokenize a variety of traditional finance (TradFi) assets, including ETFs, stocks, commodities, treasuries, and fixed income.

The first step into the Real World Asset Ecosystem

In 2021, Num Finance debuted its first Num Stablecoin (Num-S), nARS, pegged to the Argentine peso, quickly securing listings on major exchanges. Subsequent releases included nPEN and nCOP, stablecoins pegged to the Peruvian Sol and Colombian Peso. In collaboration with top-tier tech providers like Polygon, these Num Stablecoins exceeded USD 6M in circulation, dominating their respective markets.

Num Finance has shown proficiency in leveraging real-world assets within the crypto ecosystem. Through their products, Num provides broader access to tools typically restricted in traditional finance. The company's recent focus is on creating new real-world assets in a rapidly growing sector with an estimated USD 16 trillion potential. Real-world assets protocols involving real estate, art, agroindustry, and traditional finance are already capitalizing USD 2.5 billion across the blockchain ecosystem.

But what are your thoughts on real-world assets potentially being thekey driver for a revolution in the cryptocurrency sector?

Now TradFi Tokens

"We are ready to take the next big step for Num," explains Agustín Liserra, CEO of Num Finance. In this new era, Num Finance will launch its nTokens. "We aim to allow users to trade tokenized representations of ETFs, stocks and bonds and enhance their portfolios with assets such as T-Bills or the S&P 500," Liserra elaborates.

Tokenizing traditional finance (TradFi) assets involves collateralizing the nTokens with shares held by regulated service providers. This process ensures that the nTokens are fully backed and accurately track the price of the underlying asset.

Num only works with Regulated Service Providers

Num's innovative solution is designed to break down geographical barriers. The goal is to allow global access to these assets (BlackRock iShares such as Treasury Bonds or the S&P 500) without minimum capital requirements.

The initial line-up of nTokens includes:

  • Num Finance iShares $ Treasury Bond 0-1yr UCITS ETF (nTBILL1): A short-term U.S. government debt security offering an annual yield of approximately 4%.

  • Num Finance iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF (nSP500): A fund that exposes investors to 500 of the largest U.S. publicly traded companies. It offers diversified market exposure and rallied over 24% last year. 

  • Num Finance iShares Diversified Commodity Swap UCITS ETF (nICOM): This fund provides access to a broad range of commodities. it's an ideal vehicle for investors seeking diversified exposure to energy, metals, and agriculture markets.

  • Num Finance iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Investment Grade Bond UCITS ETF (nEM): This fund offers investment-grade loans to growing countries and stable companies in emerging markets. Last year, it yielded a 10% return.

All these tokens will initially be deployed on Optimism Network to ensure optimal accessibility. However, recognizing the importance of broader reach and versatility, nTokens will implement the OFT LayerZero Standard, enabling them to be available across all chains shortly after launch. This multi-chain approach will enhance accessibility and allow for greater integration within diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Num Account will be the place to mint tokenized TradFi Assets in 2024. Once the onboarding and KYC process has been completed, acquiring these tokens involves a straightforward and user-friendly three-step process: 

  1. Account funding with USDC

  2. Token minting

  3. A maximum of 48 hour settlement period to receive your Tokenized ETF on your Balance

A Trillion Dollar Financial Revolution 

Num Finance is transforming the financial industry using blockchain technology to create a more inclusive, efficient, and dynamic future. Our unique approach combines the best of traditional finance with the exciting possibilities of crypto, offering unmatched investment opportunities. This is not just progress; it's a significant leap forward in making the global financial system more accessible and versatile for investors everywhere.

In light of this, we anticipate a market volume reaching the trillions, having a diverse range of industries within real-world assets—including real estate, private credit, and government securities like Treasury Bonds. Num Finance commits to this nascent market, actively contributing to its growth. 

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