In the programs of yields for Num Stablecoins, Num Finance provides its users with additional units of the same Num Stablecoin they use.

To implement the yield programs, Num Finance uses a smart contract that grants users units of tokens called a-Num-S. In this opportunity, authorized partners and users can send their nuARS to the smart contract to receive the airdrop of a-nuARS. The a-nuARS contract is already active and can be reviewed on BscScan. In case any partner wants to be part of the authorized users to interact with the contract, they can send an email to

The Num-S delivered in the rewards programs are part of Num Finance’s capital and are not an increase in the Num-S in circulation. That is, nuARS rewards are already issued before the program is executed.

For more information regarding Num Finance’s rewards programs, you can read the article “Yields for users”.