From the beginning, Num Finance has focused on establishing a crypto network for LATAM and democratizing access to cryptocurrencies in the region. With the arrival of nuPEN, the stablecoin for the Peruvian sol, we aim to offer new solutions to the challenges of this country. This new Num Stablecoin (Num-S) will be an alternative to the traditional system that provides financial freedom to its users.

One of the main products that we believe will revolutionize the crypto ecosystem in Peru through Num Finance and nuPEN are loans. Through direct lending or our partners, we offer the possibility of taking out a loan in nuPEN with a collateral in cryptocurrencies. Users can leave Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any dollar stablecoin and obtain a line of credit to take out a nuPEN loan. Once the loan is repaid, the collateral is recovered. If you would like more information, please send an email to

Other benefits of using nuPEN

Having a stablecoin that follows the price of your legal tender, which gives you the possibility to operate with local denominations and the benefits of blockchain. 

A bridge between the traditional economy and the DeFi world: offering new decentralized finance tools and serving as a gateway for new users. It is also a building block for developing products and applications on the blockchain.

24/7: Forget depending on the traditional bank’s weekday hours. Operate in your local currency every day of the week and at all hours.

P2P Operations: Make decentralized person-to-person nuPEN transfers with the privacy you value. 

Exit to the dollar: Quickly and easily exchange your nuPEN for USD stablecoins in the PancakeSwap pool.

• Daily crypto payments: Do you have a business or offer services? Accept nuPEN as a means of payment.

nuPEN Yields: Num Finance provides new units of the token as incentives to those who have nuPEN on our partner platforms.

nuPEN Project

La stablecoin nuPEN se construyó sobre la red BNB Chain y se puede revisar su contrato en BscScan. En esta etapa inicial el token solo funcionará sobre esta red para potenciar los efectos y unificar la liquidez. En un futuro, nuPEN se desplegará sobre otras redes como Ethereum o Polygon

The nuPEN stablecoin was built on the BNB Chain, and its contract can be reviewed on BscScan. In this initial stage, the token will only work on this network to enhance its effects and unify liquidity. In the future, nuPEN will be deployed on other networks such as Ethereum or Polygon.

Like all Num-S from Num Finance, all units issued by nuPEN are 100% backed by assets of equal or greater value. To understand how tokens are backed and issued, you can find more information in the “Help” section of our website.

At Num Finance, we are very excited to begin this new challenge in Peru, a place that we believe is ideal for our expansion projects. Santiago Migone, COO of Num Finance, told us why Peru was chosen: “Peru is one of the most stable markets in Latin America and is constantly growing. It will be a great test before moving on to Mexico and Brazil”, and added that Peru is “one of the countries with the highest crypto adoption in the region.”

At this stage, partnering with other platforms is essential for the adoption of the token and growth in the region. At the time of launch, the only exchange that listed nuPEN is Buenbit, but we are in talks with other platforms that will soon add the new Num-S. We encourage those who want to be partners and want to list nuPEN, offer loans, or provide rewards on their platform to send us an email at

Finally, we also believe it is very important to build a strong community of local users to encourage the use of P2P operations, solve doubts together and build new products with the integration of nuPEN. We invite users to follow us on Twitter. This is the second Num Finance project in the region but we will soon add new Num-S.