Num Finance provides its users with additional units of the same Num Stablecoin they use. The Num-S given in the reward programs are part of Num Finance’s capital and do not increase the Num-S in circulation. In other words, the Num-S given to users are already in circulation before they are rewarded. These tokens may have been issued through any of the corresponding issuance mechanisms and are 100% backed.

To implement the yield programs, Num Finance may use a smart contract that grants users units of tokens called Airdrop Num Stablecoin (a-Num-S). Authorized users can transfer their Num-S to the smart contract(s) to receive their reward(s). For example, users who deposit nuPEN in the corresponding contract will receive the Airdrop nuPEN token (a-nuPEN) in exchange. Pilot plans can also be carried out with partners (such as wallets or exchanges).

If there is an ongoing yield program for any Num-S, the a-Num-S token type may increase in value (relative to the Num-S token) at the rate set by the program. In this way, a user who holds an a-Num-S token will be able to exchange it for a potentially higher amount of Num-S in the future.


The performance programs do not have a defined duration. They are initiated and terminated by Num Finance at its own discretion and do not imply a right for the Num-S user or an obligation for Num Finance. The returns program may be suspended and/or removed without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Num Finance. It does not guarantee profits, returns or any economic benefit to the users of Num-S and/or a-Num-S. Users understand and accept that the a-Num-S are governed by smart contracts whose code may not match what is described here, with the code taking precedence over this document and its Annexes.