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Trading and using Num-S involves a number of risks that are inherent to the use of cryptocurrencies and/or stablecoins. The risks described below are given as examples and are not exhaustive. Num Finance shall not be liable for any other external inconvenience that may result in capital losses for users of Num-S and/or a-Num-S tokens.

Num Finance does not guarantee that the price of a Num-S will always and at all times be equal to the local legal tender of reference. While Num-S issuance mechanisms will always respect the principle of collateralization and the existence of the NFR contributes to parity, this does not in itself generate a par price for each Num-S at all times. Moreover, most of the Num Finance partners offering to buy and sell the Num-S on their platforms do not and will not have any obligation or agreement with Num Finance that obligates them to buy or sell the Num-S at any particular price.

Holding, trading and other transactions with Num-S (and any other cryptocurrency) on third party applications offering these products may have risks to the user. Num Finance does not restrict the trading of Num-S to any third party, whereby Num Finance does not in any way guarantee or take any responsibility for the security of funds or transactions on any third party platform.

The issuance and circulation of stablecoins and any other type of cryptoasset is not a regulated activity in any of the jurisdictions where Num Finance is based or in the countries that issue the Num-S reference legal tender currencies. However, it is likely that more than one of these jurisdictions will regulate this activity totally or partially in the coming months and/or years. Should this occur, Num Finance may have to temporarily or permanently dispense the services provided by companies based in those countries, be it financial institutions, exchanges, or any other type of activity. This could generate costs or losses for the Num-S users in question. At the same time, regulatory changes may generate direct liabilities for the use of cryptocurrencies such as Num-S. Num Finance clarifies that it is up to the users to properly comply with the applicable regulations.

Num-S are digital assets deployed on different blockchains. The blockchain technology is still in an early stage of development and these networks may suffer inconveniences such as: forks, crashes and temporary impossibility to access funds, among other problems. Num Finance is not responsible for any losses caused by this type of inconvenience and recommends the user to be properly informed of the risks of using these blockchains and/or tools that interact with them.

The collateralization of Num-S with local legal tender and other assets through the NFR implies that Num Finance uses the services of third parties such as banks or brokers. These institutions are not exempt from various problems of their own ( including financial problems, technical issues, robberies, etc.) and the reserves held there could be subject to freezes or seizures by local authorities which could deprive Num Finance and/or its custodians of the funds and result in costs to Num Finance users.

It is common for users to make basic mistakes operating on the blockchain. That is why it is important to do it carefully and cautiously. Some important points to keep in mind are:

  • Double check that the address and/or network entered is correct.
  • Verify that the address entered supports the cryptocurrency being used.
  • Store passwords or seed phrases in a secure manner.

Num Finance is not responsible for any errors that users may commit when operating with Num-S.

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