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emerging economies

Our Num Stablecoins

Blockchain - Our Num Stablecoins - Num Finance

Num-S are deployed in different blockchains. Now live on BNB Chain and Polygon.

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Hybrid System - Our Num Stablecoins - Num Finance
Hybrid System

We designed a unique system to issue Num-S 100% collateralized with crypto and fiat.

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Liquidity - Our Num Stablecoins - Num Finance

Users can swap Num-S for any crypto with deep liquidity.

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Ecosystem - Our Num Stablecoins - Num Finance

Num partners reach deeper market access, build financial tools and create new use cases.

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Empowering Money - Num Finance

Go Far and Beyond

Num-S cover emerging markets like no other financial company does. Always available for whenever you need it. Sending Num-S is easy, you can pay for goods and services as if you where there.

Num Finance is a new way to store and manage your money, with the safety of a local currency and the opportunity of a global marketplace.


Liquidity Always & Everywhere

Connect your business to a fast and global network.
Improve your operations: no matter when, no matter where. Num Network is high-liquidity and 24/7 online.

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Liquidity Always & Everywhere - Num Finance
Num Yield Program - Num Finance

Num Yield Program

Make your funds grow steadily! Through partners we deliver rewards on a dally basis staking your Num Stablecoins.

We take savings and financial inclusion to another level.

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Brokerage Quality

Num Finance give reliable and solid tools to build high-standard money plataforms. Imagine a crypto ecosystem with nominations in local currency.

Send money around the world instantly and at a very low cost.

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Brokerage Quality - Num Finance

Num Network enables Next Level Global Finance

Local stablecoins are the bridge that connects traditional and crypto economy. Num-S fuels a global Loans and Yield market that operates with the highest security and reporting standards.

Simple, easy and no intermediaries. Discover the extraordinary reach of Num-S.






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APY Yields


APY Loans

Clear and Trustworthy Reports

We constantly improve our standards of transparency and stability.

On a monthly basis, we publish an attestation report of the funds backing the Num Stablecoins in circulation.

We also publish the addresses of the wallets we use for our operations so you can have a clear picture of what is under the hood.


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Num-S brings Credit and Yield to your platform with seamless integrations. We are available to answer your questions and help you reach the next level!

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